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Oy. Have they responded? I filed an informal complaint, and the investigator never once reached out. Apparently, they contacted PPL, who gave them the same spiel as usual ("it's not us! They somehow just used double the usual amount of electricity during this exact same time!"). The PUC believed them for some reason and dismissed the case. They said they wouldn't reach out to me for my side of the story unless I had appealed it to a formal complaint, which I'm now planning to do. This apparently starts a legal proceeding with a judge and a hearing, though. It's ridiculous.


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It's the Pennsylvania Public Utilities Commission. It's the state agency that is supposed to hold PPL accountable (hopefully they actually will). You first need to contact PPL to see if they can fix it. If PPL doesn't help, then you can reach out to them and file a complaint.


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I've been throwing a fit. PPL is insisting that I somehow used almost double my normal electricity during a month where I was out of town for a couple weeks. They're trying to pin the blame on me, while also saying that my usage isn't doubled, despite the numbers they're charging me for showing otherwise. There's absolutely no explanation for this.


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The entire region is pretty LGBTQ+ friendly. Allentown has the Bradbury Sullivan LGBTQ Community Center, which has a lot of events, support groups, programs, meetups, etc. Bethlehem has the more artsy and foody scene, which is nice (it's a great restaurant town), and there's a lot of colleges in the area, which also makes it more LGBTQ+ friendly. There's also Lehigh Valley Pride every year, and the pro sports teams have an LGBTQ+ night as well. I live in Bethlehem, which I like better than Allentown (but there are nice things in Allentown too!). Obviously, it's hard to escape homophobia no matter where you go in the world, but as an out genderqueer person, I feel safe and welcomed here.


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Former political campaign staffer here. Non-partisan does not mean non-biased. It just means not officially part of a party legally. They legally have to say it because they're not the Republican Party. If they said they're a Republican organization, they'd be breaking numerous election laws and would be fined into oblivion.


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Ok so I used to work for a non-partisan but progreasive-leaning political org in Florida before leaving and coming here. All non-partisan means is that they're not officially a member of a party. It's a legal thing to say that, in this case, they're not officially part of the Republican Party, but rather a separate org, most likely either a PAC, superPAC, 501c4, or 527. They can't say they're Republican because they're technically not. It does not mean politically neutral or politically balanced. But because most people think that it does mean politically neutral, it can be misleading. I hate the term because it's so misleading.