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Can't wait to hear how fake, poorly photographed this photo is 🤣 welcome your troll.

A bit of backstory for those who enjoy story telling:
Being on the mountain, it's always difficult to get dramatic sunset or sunrise, and one of my goals was to capture the unique perspective of this view of Moraine Lake.
After about seven months of being in the area (which is close to where the Lake is - about 20 minutes away,) I have waited to come across a dramatic sunset or sunrise and constantly looking for the right condition. But it felt like it would never happen.
But I remember this day very vividly. I just came back to my flat, I looked up, and there were a few high clouds and some low clouds right above me. And I thought, "You know what, this could be the day I could get a photo of the dramatic Moraine Lake!"
So I put on my gear, called my friends, and asked them to hurry before we were too late. I want to get there before sunset, so we can look for compositions.
It was the last day I could get a chance to capture this moment because, in two days, the road to Moraine Lake would be closed. Then winter will come in, and I must track a long way to get there if I let that day pass. Just imagine a 30-minute drive on a ski. It was going to be snowing the next day. So that day was the last chance I had.
So, I got there, and all the clouds seemingly disappeared. And all I saw was this flat blue sky, and I was a bit disappointed.
Nevertheless, I was there with my friend. And I was quite intrigued that, you know, the Lake had frozen fully. It was something that I didn't anticipate. So it was quite unique to see the frozen Lake early in the season. So that was an excitement or a bonus on its own.
But the sky was flat and blue. It was nothing interesting. So, my friends and I had a lot of fun taking silly photos. We finally decided just to stick around and face toward the sunset.
Usually, we'll get some sort of colour, a pastel colour, whatever it may be. We chose to stay for another hour. I remember when the sky first changed. It changed from blue to magenta, and I couldn't believe it. I've never seen anything like that. It just turned magenta so abruptly.
My friend and I were scrambling to get as many different compositions as possible because we knew that a condition like this doesn't last long. I have never seen the sky turn like this in my two-and-a-half years of staying in the Canadian Rockies. So when I got that photo, I could not be more thankful. I could not be more proud of it. I could not be more euphoric.
This is the story of how I captured a unique condition where the Lake froze overnight while having this beautiful magenta colour in the sky.
I'm a full-time artist, someone who left my engineering career close to a decade ago to start over and pursue my passion for photography.
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I hope this brings a smile to your day. You can follow the rest of my adventure on @thewickedhunt in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter - feel free to say hi 😃

Now let the troll begin!