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Same. The female characters are so much more enjoyable to watch. I’ve always been annoyed by Skyler and Marie’s I’ve met in life, but the Kim Wexlers I’ve known are women I deeply revere and you can tell they really did the work to write better characters than BB. And yes I’m including Betsy Kettleman.


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The tea I heard was that he wasn’t getting his work done so D&D had to kick him off the show so he could work on the books. People say the Purple Wedding episode was good because GRRM wrote it when he only wrote the first draft. He was trying to introduce all the other book plots (like Ramsey’s wife who gets raped by dogs instead of Sansa) and the writers had to change it so it’d fit the show.


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Write your own stories you nerds, or leave it to the people who know what they’re doing. You don’t need to use a machine to mine their work for alleged original content.


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Reply to Emmy Awards by [deleted]

Julia Louis Dreyfus deserved every win over Amy Poehler. I know P&R have vocal fans and I could see why Leslie was a popular character, but Selina Meyers was just demented and I feel like not enough people watched the show.