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We get our electricity from solar (even in the winter). But for heating the green house, we use geothermal air circulation (fans powered by solar of course). Passive solar thermal doesn't work well in winter, it's actually even less efficient than solar PV used to heat water with resistive coils when it's gets cold. Passive solar thermal is only more efficient than solar PV when it's very sunny out


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The mountains, the cold , and low population density make it bad for business -- but popular with those that value natural beauty. The valuing of beauty is an empathetic trait. Thus our more liberal policies. Liberal policies create a snowball effect that bring in more liberally minded people like being the first state to recognize gay marriage. Trying to help the homeless is also a more liberal policy


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Highest rate of homeless people, simultaneously the lowest rate of "unsheltered" people. Let me break it down for you: VT provides shelters for homeless people, this atttacts homeless people to VT to get access to the free shelters, and since VT has low population density to begin with, that influx of people is enough to skew the numbers so that VT gets listed high on homeless people per capita. Basically, VT is the only state that's trying to actually help the homeless.


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Power lines are paid for by whoever needs to extend then to get access to a new area. In a new construction house project, this is a significant expanse. Buried lines are more expensive than above ground lines. They also require an easement of like 50 ft on either side of bee buried limes which means clear cutting those trees and never letting them grow back - due to regulations. I determined that it was about 3x cheaper to simply build an off grid solar system than extehd the power lines, and don't regret my decision one bit