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TL;DR — from the article:

  • The Northern Lights could appear in the skies over some northern US states on Friday.
  • The lights could be dazzling thanks to solar winds blowing from a giant coronal hole on the sun.
  • The lights — known as aurora borealis — may be seen as far south as Washington and Michigan.

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From reporter Sawdah Bhaimiya, "The boss of an Italian government-controlled technology company resigned after he quoted the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini in an internal email, according to numerous reports.

Claudio Anastasio resigned as the chairman of 3-I — a tech company that provides software services for Italy's welfare and statistics agencies — on Tuesday, two government sources told Reuters. The story was also reported by Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Anastasio, who was appointed by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in November, sent an inauguration email to board members quoting Mussolini, who ruled Italy as a dictator from 1922 to 1943.

The former chairman quoted from a 1925 Mussolini speech and tweaked it to substitute the word "fascism" for "3-I," per the Times of London.

"But then, oh gentlemen, what butterflies shall we seek under the arch of Titus? Well, I declare here, before you and before the entire Italian government, that I assume (I alone!) responsibility for 3-I (political! moral! historical!) of everything that has happened," Anastasio wrote in the email.

"If more or less distorted phrases are enough to hang a man, out with the gallows and out with the rope! If 3-I was my fault, the responsibility for this is mine, because I have contributed through my role to the historic, political, and moral climate."

Anastasio provided no clear reasoning for his unusual choice of quote, the Times wrote."


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From the article:

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is blaming a TikTok drinking fad for 28 ambulances getting called to off-campus parties over the weekend.

According to school officials, students on Saturday were seen carrying large water jugs that contained a mixture of alcohol, electrolytes, and flavoring, believed to be what TikTokers call "borgs," or "blackout rage gallons."

The phenomenon has been fueled by recent viral videos featuring college students on TikTok making and drinking the concoction (though some videos referencing the drink date back to 2020). The viral drink has spawned borg tutorials, borg challenges, and borg skits.

While it's unclear if all 28 instances were related to "borg" drinking, UMass officials said they had never seen so many of these drinks before Saturday's "Blarney Blowout," an annual school celebration that typically comes before St. Patrick's Day, The Associated Press reported.

None of the cases were life-threatening, the Amherst Fire Department said.


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Hey, thanks for sharing! More from the author:

"The drug lord illegally imported hippopotamuses to his Hacienda Nápoles ranch, about 125 miles away from Bogotá, in the 1980s. When he was fatally shot in 1993, four hippos were left at the ranch.

"Decades on, however, environmental authorities estimate that there are now about 130 hippos in the area, with the group having rapidly reproduced and spread beyond the confines of the ranch, CBS News reported.

"Authorities fear that the number of hippos could reach 400 within eight years, with the animals multiplying fast because of a lack of natural predators, favorable weather conditions, and ample food and water, CBS News said.

"The newly proposed plan would involve sending at least 60 hippos to Gujarat in India and another 10 to zoos and sanctuaries in Mexico.

"It focuses on the animals living outside the ranch because those inside live in a controlled environment and don't threaten the local ecosystem, CBS News said."