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I guess there are a few too many gratuitous sexual inferences that don't fit combat for me not to wonder if other factors are in play. Sex would've garnered extra attention back then like it does now and the format allows some leeway before any reputations would get tarnished. The boob grab with the guy having his hand clasped at his own crotch doesn't seem to have any potential value added from the pose for instance. I'm under no illusion my tangential experience qualifies me for anything other than a layman's opinion though : )


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I noticed out of 7 pictures, 6 of them have direct or implied contact with a genital region. Have you seen the other pictures from this manual, did they just pick salacious ones for the article? And the last has the lady grabbing a boob out of nowhere which I'm having a hard time fitting into context. Any guesses?


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The one with the most egregious lack of sense has the woman upside down. I'm also a clinical massage therapist for the last few decades, there's no way I know of to make physical sense of that picture. The lady is looking at a broken neck if the 2 of them so much as squirm wrong let alone fight.


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I've seen quite a few and my dad made me do martial arts because of my size, that's why I had to ask. It looked more like someone in the 15th was trolling than anything someone would actually do. Like under any circumstance, considering the kinesics and logistics. Extended face down in a hole, in combat? Thought I was having a flashback.


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I vaccilate between this take and a darker view including defense contractors and entrenched wealth. Given the same options I'd take Biden every time but this geriatric bullshit has got to go. How many employers out there are clamoring for 80 year olds to run their companies? Wtf are we doing letting them run the world


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I don't doubt the conservatives do more damage. They've got a larger wealth network and closer ties to the most egregious offenders. But yeah, while dems encourage social progress with one hand plenty of them are pickpocketing you with the other. And they're using the bifurcation of the parties to promote a culture war instead of the class war the wealth disparity would naturally bring by this point.