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Actually I’m not familiar with the details of content from the trashy information sources from cnn or fox as you explain. Fox esp is dangerous and it’s propagating the culture wars and generalized hate for each other in the USA and elsewhere.

I don’t watch them; any of them. Additionally it’s been shown in recent lawsuit information revealed in the lawsuit discovery phase, how Fox knew the election was not stolen, ( you know, the one that incited the USA insurrection attempt, had law enforcement killed and brutalized etc) with the goal of stealing democracy.

Again your telling me what I do and how I should be thinking. That’s hitlerish. Hopefully triumph and politicians like him will pay the legal price for their crimes against the USA. The crimes that we know about. The ones that become familiar to us more each day as the details of the crimes are unraveled. Hopefully big money won’t be able to trump our laws against criminals like Trump.


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No one should ever disrespect another person for trying to live their best life. A person who assures they’re not hurting the position of another person or part of society.

With that said - religions, as we know, are culprits in targeting other’s lives for no reason except that the targeted person doesn’t meet the religious entity’s “check-list.” Perhaps all religions should actively stand against hate and needless persecution of others, even, no matter what FOX News claimed what the world’s about. What a marvelous start for our society that would be.

Again, imo, hateful actions and attacks are heart wrenching to see. Equally heartbreaking is knowing this will happen again… Why.


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Corporations fuck the environment and leave with their profits. Politicians are on the payroll so they have nothing to say until it’s too late.

Look at history in Pennsylvania. What the coal companies did to the environment and rivers, like in wilkes barre. The taxpayer have been paying to remedy the environmental issues long after the coal barons are gone.


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It shouldn’t. A pill is generally a remedy for a physical or mental issue. It’s kind of a resolution for the issue. My last sentence equates to every one should do it. I work in Heath care and often tell people who refuse to exercise when they need to that: if exercise was a pill- everyone would be on it. ( it has the same quantitation.)