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Good. Education is always warranted. Give the information away, don't hoard it.

As sad as reality is, these states have the right to manage their own laws. Voting and elections have consequences and we're living with them because Americans didn't want a woman president. Instead it elected a serial sex offending, fraudster with the worst possible attributes a human could have.

50% of you are about to make the same mistake again in 18 months, electing the same crook or worse, a book burning fascist from Florida.


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If you're in a position to, let your local HR and recruiting teams know that there is talent available. Employees won't wait to be part of that 10% and will look for change early.

I feel for those impacted in these types of decisions. 10% is easily handled through attrition over the course of one year and without the anxiety leading to wide-spread disruption. I'll never understand how terrible decision makers rise to the highest ranks of leadership.

Salesforce is going to ruin Slack.


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> The indictments come a week after the same grand jury issued a scathing report criticizing Loudoun County schools and other officials for their handling of a pair of sexual assaults committed by a male student in May and October 2021 at two high schools. The second assault occurred after the student was transferred to a new high school.

I'll never understand why administrators will cover-up for criminals because they think that the truth is somehow the actual problem.

Put rapists in jail. Full stop.