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"Look guys, I'm only paid to patrol the mall, just to walk around looking scary. I'm not paid to settle mannequin wars. Why are you fighting anyways?"
"They have better racks."
"No, they do." another responded.
Exasperated, I looked at them and stammered "They're identical! Same brand, same oddly crisp white, same size. Anyways, there are easier ways to settle this."
"Like what?"
"Like just use those perfectly functional legs, walk over to the other racks, and swap racks?"
"Good idea." said another.
I sighed and face palmed. Then, turned to watch them peacefully changing racks. I let out a grin before continuing my night.

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Humans are able to feel things though alien definition might vary maybe non human and just vocal rather than vocaloid Dogs can attack other ones etc


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Almost all animals count as sentient but some could represent others etc all can feel things and depends if you take sapient has wise or appearing wise how you define it