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Dogs can still get a tick but the drug kills them. You still need to check them and remove the ones that are DOA. Get in the habit of checking yourself when you get home. Buy a removal tool before you need it. We like loop type. Pull it out in one piece. Make sure you remove before going to bed. You get 24 hrs pretty safe.


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Do what you can to help. Keep the curtains closed on non sunshine windows. Minimize running exhaust fans in kitchen and bathroom. Make sure you keep a door open on any exterior wall sinks. Block any drafts you can with blankets or towels. Bake that extra turkey you have in the freezer.

If you have a heat pump, there is not a lot you can do this low. It’s a trade off worth taking for the savings 99% of the time.


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Really the biggest risk in cold is the risk of water freezing. If you live in an old house that is poorly insulated, pipes in unheated crawl spaces or along outside walls risk freezing and splitting. If you have a sink on an outside wall, simply open the doors under the sink to let the heat in. Run the water once in a while. If you’re just not sure, pay attention to how cold the water comes from the taps around the house including washing machine. If the water is getting near freezing, it’s cheaper to trickle the water than pay for repairs.


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We use a variation at our camp on an island where we might not know there was an extended power failure. We put an ice cube on the wire shelf. If the ice cube melts, we know the perishables are bad.


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40 years ago the trail was an easy walk. (Made the original carriage road for the hotel believable). Maybe 20 years ago it was super eroded and a difficult because of the exposed rocks. What is the trail like in 2023? Used to be best reward for the effort. Thanks


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My brother had a near death experience with a hard candy as a child and never got over his fight or flight. He could not tolerate even a wooden depressor in his mouth as an adult. How he made it 3 years as a US marine still amazes me.