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Live service is a good thing for a lot of games. Some of my favourite games are from years ago that frequently come out with new updates and seasonal content to keep it fresh.

It's forced into some games that don't need it but think it's a net positive in the industry.


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Not spoiler "culture", its people making content that happens to be a spoiler for you. Its not their responsibility to protect you.

Spoilers/leaks for things are that aren't out yet are bad, yes. But people on the internet talking about something that you haven't played/watched isn't their problem, sorry.


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Digital downloads.

Frequent patching.

New content and DLC means games can last longer.

Free to play games open games to a wider audience who can’t afford full priced games frequently.

VR is incredible.

Innovation in graphics means some of the cutting edge games look stunning.


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Reply to Maybe by [deleted]

Have you tried to improve or just mindless spam games hoping to randomly get better?

Your life will be hell if you just give up any time you’re not good at something.