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Jokes aside, that’s ridiculous. Look at our current president. The Democratic Party had a dozen amazing candidates; Yang being my personal favorite. But at the end of the day they picked an 80 year old chronic child sniffer who has a hard time walking up stairs never mind uttering a coherent sentence. The democrats don’t care WHO they elect as long as they ARE elected


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In reality the real issue lies in culture. The black culture of America is seemingly one that promotes violence and crime.

Take black music for example. Read the lyrics of a black rap song and see what I mean. Promotes nothing but violence and crime.

Compared to popular white music, they’re completely different


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There’s definitely a strawman at play. There are numerous organizations that have made “white supremacy” videos, the most famous one being the woman who said “What exactly are white people better than black people at? Conquering!”

White supremacists treat the entire left wing as if they believe in that, when in reality they don’t.

Even in the Black Lives Matter thing, there’s a range, kind of like antifa. On one end you have the white teenage girls putting BLM in their Instagram bio, and on the other end you have the people burning down cities. In reality a vast majority of people who support BLM fall in between. Again, an example of scapegoating/strawman


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Former Nazi extremist here

My parents were both Democrat voting liberals. I was raised in Massachusetts in one of the most liberal districts, one of the first in the country to teach critical race theory

My extremism started as a result of combing several pieces of information together without a valid counter argument. I looked at FBI crime rates by race, thought to myself “why do blacks commit more crimes per capita than whites” and it was all downhill from there.

Once you start looking for extremist communities it’s not hard to find them. You feel included in it like it’s a secret society, like you’re fundamentally alike. Like two humans in a wild jungle.