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Poker Face is direct homage to Columbo not only in the structure of the show showing the murder, who did it, and how first so we can watch the protagonist figure it out. They also use the exact same font for the credits that Columbo used. Then there is the fact that the protagonist is somebody who is dishevelled, kind of a slob, very friendly and everybody underestimates her. For a few years now I have seen people online talking about how Natasha Lyonne would be perfect to play the lead in a Columbo reboot and I think this series may have been inspired by that talk or at least the idea to cast her was.


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The cops didn't actually own that stuff on the show. That was confiscated property that was used by the cops to establish their undercover identities as high rollers. But it was a tv show so why get caught up in the unrealistic details. Everything about that show was so far fetched it was almost pure fantasy.