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In terms of sitcoms, I love the trope of a lovable and disparate group of misfits that come together and become friends in a shared setting.

One type would be a workplace or other specific location that unites them. I'm thinking of NewsRadio, 30 Rock, Cheers, Futurama, The Office both UK and US, Taxi, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

The other would be a living together type of situation such as Happy Endings, Living Single, Golden Girls, Friends, New Girl, and Three's Company/Man About the House.

Frasier and Community have a blend of the two.


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He did a lot of shitty things starting in the 1970's and was actually sued by the Justice Department for racial discrimination regarding housing. The fact that people don't know this is mind boggling. That man never should have been anywhere near the highest office in the land.