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I believe you really like to put words in my mouth, exaggerate my statements to illogical extremes, all for the sake of attempting to win a Reddit argument. My point is not that any one act of obeying the rules or sacrificing for the greater good is what holds society together, but the totality of many behaviors. What makes Copenhagen Copenhagen and Kabul Kabul?


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Yes, I’ve been to countries outside of my own. Following road rules is, in my opinion, a perfect example of what I’m talking about and how behaviors can tear a society apart and make it unlivable or they can help keep a society livable and functional. I’m working in Poland right now. Polish drivers take following the road rules to an extreme (except for speeding for some reason). I spend most of my time in Ecuador where driving is extremely dangerous.


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On most of your points you’re speaking an unpopular truth and getting downvoted because people here are uncomfortable with the truth. On this point however you’re missing something important. There are certain things we do or don’t do to protect the community as a whole. We don’t get drink and drive. We go outside without pants. We don’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater. We do get vaccinated. We do stop at red lights. We do hold the elevator for our elderly neighbors. Certain actions aren’t about individual choice but about holding the fabric of society together to benefit us all.


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You’re being downvoted, but you’re not exactly wrong. Cultural indoctrination definitely impacts who considers a vasectomy a viable option. I got snipped in Ecuador. The staff at the clinic explained that they do twice as many sterilization procedures on women than men despite it being more painful, expensive, and invasive to tie a woman’s tubes. Many cultures consider vasectomies to be emasculating, while other cultures consider it responsible and smart. It shouldn’t be a white thing, but it kinda is.