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>Am I the only person who thinks Ted is a great character?

Probably. He's flawed, but nothing about him is interesting to me. I was a "nice guy" when I was younger and I've seen thousands more in my years online, so nothing about those guys who are outwardly milquetoast but secretly shitty is compelling at all. Barney was more interesting, because it turns out that his misogyny was basically a trauma response.


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Barney was a dick, but he was very honest about the fact that he was not interested in any commitment and didn't have any great respect for the women who slept with him. That episode where he takes Lily on a tour of his place to show all the ways it's actively hostile to women is some of the best character-building in TV history.

Ted, OTOH, was basically a "nice guy" (read: incel) who just happened to have enough self-awareness to groom himself, hold a conversation, etc. without being instantly repellant to women. Hell, the entire show is literally built around his older self going on this long, drawn-out yarn to his kids that ultimately ends with, "So that's how I met your mom... anyway, she's dead now, so I'm gonna go back banging your Aunt Robin again since she was the woman I really loved this whole time."


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Bullshit, you think Disney just had no idea how many people had been clamoring for a decade for Marvel to be able to get those properties back? Of course they did. They don't give a fuck about narrative completion or anything like that, but they know money. If what you're saying is true, they never would have gotten to the table with Sony to make a Spider-Man deal.


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It's pretty good, better than I thought it'd be. The multiple timeskips made it feel really rushed, though. Would have been nice if they'd stretched this much of the story across 1.5 to 2 seasons so it had room to breathe. But, yeah, it's been good. Getting over the franchise-killing stigma that GoT S8 left has been it's biggest challenge and it feels like they've just about conquered that.