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Ok I'm no physicist but why do we think space itself is fully contained within a bubble of what we can see? Isn't it silly to assume there's nothing outside our visible bubble when we always see more the further we look? How do we know it's space itself contracting and not just our portion of some much larger explosion?

I feel like maybe that's all explained well enough, but I also know scientists love to smell their own farts and word conjecture as fact.


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We're like those people in the far future who can't see any stars after they all move so far apart. We just don't have the required information available to us. At this point I see no reason to accept either as truth, so I'll just assume it's infinite. An infinite universe is insanely exciting to contemplate.


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Yeah, I live in an idyllic neighborhood of friendly families and decorated yards. I have to drive a bit before I hit ugly, but its there in strip malls etc.

Would be very interesting to see cities put money into architecture and measure change. That would be very hard to prove to the public though, as these types of benefits take multiple cycles to be measured.


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Totally, many of the poor parts of cities were built for efficiency. How many Laundromats per block of tenement buildings, efficiency like you said. I agree.

I'd just add that it's pretty clearly split by household income. Like everything else in America it boils down to class warfare. Like Maslow's pyramid, basics first pretty last. The rich get pretty, the poor live in a factory.