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Reply to Dmv by RI-Transplant

Make sure you pay your taxes on the purchase ASAP. If you don't pay them within some time period (15 or 30 days of purchase, I cannot recall), they'll fine you additionally. Yes, even if you were waiting to pay at the DMV. They scolded me and told me if they were busy/unavailable, it was up to me to go to the tax office in Providence and manually pay it before going to the DMV.


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I’m 40. I have a historic mansion in Providence. I didn’t buy in a fancy neighborhood. I’m about 15 years into my software career. I taught myself everything I know about technology and didn’t study it in school.

I don’t have family money. I am maxing out my 401k. I’m also supporting my partner financially while she figures out her next steps. No hustle. No money from a FAANG windfall. I’m making well over 200k on my own.


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I have a historic mansion in RI. Senior software engineer/security/operations person who is very good at their job. Didn’t buy in fancy neighborhood. No family money, and I don’t care for being entrepreneurial. I could make more likely, but I am lazy and have no hustle these days


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Ski lift operators do the type of thing daily too. The problem is the folks and jobs that aren’t prepared for it. A lot of people are working outside today. It is dangerous out there, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made safer


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My gas and electric bills combined were $1000 this month. My house is huge and poorly insulated, but we keep it in the low 60s here and have NG stove, hot water and heat. It was way less last year and I recall it being a more harsh winter then. The pumps on my radiators are electric, and I’ve been running a basement dehumidifier a lot, which I think are some of the primary users

At least we aren’t in Europe?