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Lol you guys thought the US government blows money on bloated projects.

At least we solved our space bloat with fix cost contracts aka spaceX….the ESA needing to making sure every country is happy will bleed money to make sure certain jobs stay in certain countries.

If europe wants to be competitive they have to switch to fix cost contracts with no strings.

Simply x money to perform y tasks.


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> Just say you want the poor to get out of the city to not inconvenience the rich.

The poor don't drive in NYC they take the subway.

> You think that all deliveries in the city are made with trucks

mostly trucks, deliver vans or freight rail which has a last mile deliver via truck/van

>They you can walk in the middle of the street without a care in the world.

Do you realize the subway exists?


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Now think this is just for congestion pricing in one city.

Imagine trying to make cross state rail systems, expand port capacity, build a massive solar farm, etc etc.


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> India or Estonia they would have already done it to save money.

Well there’s a reason why firms are engaging in more aggressive offshoring.

There’s also a point where if you need a remote job done and an American wants 2x the salary of a European to do the job….and way more than that of an Indian well it makes sense just to hire multiple people overseas even if you lose some of the benefits of having them onshore.


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Remember the 1990s, congress was talking about (read harassing) Microsoft. Most tech firms then wanted to stay far away from DC so DC came to them…..and once tech stated ‘lobbying’ and opening up bullshit offices in certain districts the harassment stopped.