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Ehh, whats a little cheating and death threats. From what I can tell thats pretty much standard in this sub..What do you want advice on, cuz virtually everyone is going to say leave him. which you will just ignore..Go to a real sub or source for abusive relationships cuz you are in one right now and wont believe it. Speak to a licensed professional, someone you can actual trust, and get their opinion on how to get out.


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Online. At events. At grocery stores. At book stores. Frisbee golf teams. Tennis at the club.

Just stop going to bars and drug dens and these new people and things to do will suddenly start magically appearing.

Take a sailing course. Take cheeses course. Watch the documentary 'wedding crashers' and go to funerals to pick up women. Go to church, no shortage of saturday night hoes feeling guilty, hitting that place up on Sundays. If you cant get a date in a church, you got problems ( ask any pedophile)


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>If I stopped doing that, which honestly I want to, I highly doubt they’d even want to see me again.

oh no, the horror....Might mean you would have to make new friends that aren't into the party scene. Which may lead to you dating a non-party girl. All sounds terrible if you have a nasty coke habit with some underlying alcoholism. Otherwise, it sounds fucking great.

Your new friends( you are in a new town right) all seem pretty transitional since the whole thing relies on you partying with them..Time for some new friends.


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The law says I cant walk around nude? well I question that and think it is wrong. Frankly I know for sure you can walk around nude in all sorts of places in my town...

you see in my country I dont get jailed for what I just wrote...in that muslim country I do..you see a problem yet and how your example is not exactly on par. First rule of muslim laws is don't talk about muslim laws. Solves a whole lot of problems that way, lol.


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> No I didn’t. I dated her for 2 months till she dumped me 😂

so the person you reference on hinge is the party girl from the OP.,,ok then..maybe learn your lesson this next time

>Actually, I find it really hard to make friends.

sounds like all you have to do is offer them some coke and they will hang out..Then mysteriously, when you dont have the party goods, they dont want to hang out? very confusing on why, must be your haircut or something, maybe sprinkle some coke on it and see if the style change brings them back....anyways, maybe make some friends that are into other things than just partying. I assure you they exist


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> Take her for a drink. Turns out she smashes coke and MDMA at events and on weekends.

so what have we learned? did you go on a second date or did you nope out and go find someone who doesnt smash coke and MDMA before teaching 7th graders how to read a geography map...

>It does seem quite hard to hide from I won’t lie

perhaps you are then with the coke problem then, since everyone you know does it. Everyone at work does it, everyone at your bars do it, Your dates do it, your roommates do it....holy shit man, where in London cuz I need some coke and it just seems to follow you everywhere. It almost seems like what you want isnt going to happen in the social circle you live in. So try a different circle, it really isnt hard to find non partiers.


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Call me crazy but maybe you need a new circle of friends...you must work in a coke factory or perhaps a strip club? go ahead and try to get away from the coke, I assure you it is not hard at all to do...in fact most people dont do coke, every day/week. Most never do it at all...you may have a slightly skewed friend group..sure if all your friends are cokeheads/partiers then all you will see is that. the world is bigger than that my friend.


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> How many girls am I gonna meet that haven’t been through the wild non stop sex and coke stage

I am thinking most women dont go through the non stop sex and coke phase. Here is a thought, stop going to clubs and bars and start meeting women elsewhere. And by elsewhere I mean not at your coke dealers house or at the meth lab your neighbor runs or at the Casula sex parties your pastor throws in the shed out back of the church.


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the bait is so strong here it is hard to resist...I am giving you exactly what you want. hopefully you will give me what I want next..

well look at it this way...you meet someone and they show you and tell you exactly what they want. Have ok sex. Get on fine and then when you go to tell them you want them to stop and only focus on you, they do a line and tell you to move on as they have other things they enjoy..then they go do another line, have some amazing sex (trust me sex is not amazing when coked out), get on great, do some more coke and party..

>How many people do you know that do that.

well being I worked in bars/clubs for decades I can safely say I know a shit ton of people that do that...You might need to throw in a missing detail as the bait is getting kinda dry.


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definitely something wrong with you...I will keep biting the bait, i got a couple min.

lets try again...there is no right and wrong..some people want to have only Casual sex and others want a relationship. They are both correct..Nothing wrong with Casual sex( ask any pedophile) and nothing wrong with a more committed relationship (ask any pedophile). The two of you want two different things and there is nothing wrong with that. It didn't work out my man, now learn to bang coke hoes without falling in love, if you are so bothered..Here is your ultimate advice. Wear a condom cuz you absolutely dont know where dem chicken heads have been. You wont be able to put dem hoes on rewind if the std test get declined.


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probably is..You want to have something a bit more serious and she doesn't..Your brain is probably wired differently, might be from the overuse of stimulants by your mom while in you were in her belly...could also be that some people like to just take some cock, do some blow, take some more cock, do some more blow, munch some box, do some more blow, do some more blow and then pass out watching Oprah Winfrey...We all have different things of what we want.


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Boo hoo...guess what the first few months of dating are about? they are about finding out if you like the person enough to be with them.

>Said she wasn’t sure she wanted serious but liked seeing me and didn’t know.

>So I was seeing this girl for 2 months.

gosh, looks like she figured it out..you weren't used, you just didnt get that hot piece of ass for yourself. Huge difference.

>I knew she was a party girl. She did coke on weekends etc.

Not really sure why you are so upset. You weren't used. She didn't deceive you. You knew going in what she was about. She didnt lie to you....you were just rejected. Now man up, go find another coke hoe and this time turn a hoe into a housewife!!


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>How do I get him back?

you want to know how to get him back? really get him back? you move out on your own, having your own separate space, then you invest in yourself for a bit. Get that thing you need when 'working on yourself', which is time away to reflect and truly change..After a couple years or so(probably longer to be safe), when you are better situated and in control of your own life, you can then exercise the option to share that with someone else. He will absolutely love it!! Seeing the true change, knowing you are an equal partner and not just someone he needs to take care of to fuck, will make take this relationship to the next level. You got this girrrrll.


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> I expressed my disappointment to her twice, but out of nowhere, she became angry.

so your GF cooks for you and you bash her when she does? What is the best course of action? how about not bashing someones food when they make it for you. You sound like a douche. I like how you premise the whole thing with 'postpartum' GF, you know really try to put your shitty communication skills on the back burner and make it about how your GF is someone inherently in the wrong.


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girl it was over the first time he cheated..look at you now, you are paranoid, dont trust the guy and are waiting for the other shoe to fall...

> but I was very stupid and naive

well if someone is exposed for what they are, then you can no longer be naive...ignoring what that person does and is, does kinda make you still 'stupid'. anyways, just find a new person who hasn't cheated on you. its not gonna work out and you will have these exact feeling for the entirety of your time with your cheater. Just move on, you will love someone else I assure you


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I see this exact scenario over and over..I can only help you for the next time. So here is what you do to avoid this problem again. When someone breaks up with you, you let them go and dont get back together. Its not going to work out the second, third, fourth, hundredth time you get back together. Save yourself the trouble


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Did you tell her marriage was has a transactional expectation as well...

> She mentioned that that was a transactional gift and I gifted her the shoes to get something in return

Actually if she kept the sneakers without you getting your side of a transaction, that breaks the transactional contract...reclaim those shoes. had she modeled said shoes, you would no longer have any legal standing to reclaim the merchandise, as she would have completed her end of the transaction concluding the business and legally laying claim to said shoes. Make sure your marriage contract is solid. This one seems like they want to rig the property in her favor, through legal trickery.


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>However, the court suspended the sentences for two years, meaning the bankers will not have to pay any fines unless they commit the same offense over that time period.

>>The accounts in the Swiss branch of Gazprombank were held by Sergei Roldugin, the artistic director of the St. Petersburg Music House, who is often dubbed “Putin's cellist.”

my big takeaway is that I really should have learned and musical instrument. Not seeing a downside. I am also starting to think this thing called 'Gazprom' is just a front for Putin to steal his countries resources, with his cronies( say wasn't a former German leader on it's board?)..Is it too late to learn the piccolo and get me a taste of that sweet musician perks?