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a much simpler argument can be mad, for instance why should the US Government be getting a piece of a transaction that was sourced, manufactured, and sold outside it's borders in the first place?

point is, none of that matters for what i was saying - which was simply highlighting the Hollywood hypocrisy, regardless of how right or wrong they my be on the underlying topic.


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i understand what you're asking me, and i'm telling you it's irrelevant.

i did 'take a shot' at hollywood hypocrisy. if you want to tag that as political go ahead i guess, it's adjacent maybe. Was really commentary on how that tend to be preachy rather than about any specific political issue.

if you want to talk "crusader", shall we discuss your apparent need to rush in to their defense with your 'please sir, tell me you are the Republican operative I hope you will be, so i can attack the messenger rather than have to address the message', lol.


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lmao. Biden happened as a result of the media finally dismantling Trump. Painting him as some kind of offensive weapon is simple hilarity. He won the nomination because he was the only perceived moderate among the 17 Dems running. If anyone knew how he'd actually govern, one of the others would have taken out Trump.