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Drills are certainly not new… but with the news of more school shootings though, I think it changes the context quite a bit for kids.

I just read this morning in an incident at Newark, DE a hoax caller made a threat. The school was put in lockdown and cops didn’t show up for 70mins. They claimed miscommunication… All while parents are trying to get into the school. It’s just a hot mess. Over a decade of preparation and tragedies every week, how are we not getting better at handling this? Watching the video of how they sent in one lone police officer who clearly had no clue what to do… it’s infuriating.


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Truly I don’t know what the hold up is… O yes, there’s that thing about rights to bear arms./s

I don’t think we’ll be moving the meter very far if we’re going to climb that hill. One thing I believe most law makers agree on is the status of mental health… Now why they haven’t done anything about it is beyond me. There’s a lot of talking heads and not enough leaders willing to push through legislation.

Then you get politicians who straight up gave up… “There’s nothing more we can do.” People who want to focus on religion, race, and now gender identity… It’s incredible how these senators will latch onto anything possible to not have to talk about gun laws.


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For whatever the objective of these hoax calls are… these kids have nothing to do with it, but the way these children live will forever change. Some will be able to overcome, some will suffer from anxiety and who knows what other psychological trauma this might cause.

I know for my own young children, they hear the news… They don’t understand it. They’re confused by it and they ask if it could happen in their school. Parents can’t tell their children this won’t happen in their school. They’re practicing drills in their classrooms. It’s sickening.


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Just put our time, energy, and money into making a great public school system for all communities!!!! Every kid deserves a great education… if you have shtty parents, you should have a school to support you through your toughest years until you can get out of whatever situation. Schools should be the hub of social services. They’re the ones catching the problems and they should have the support staff to help with the problems. The money is there! Get our politicians to care enough to fight for the funds.


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I feel you on that!!! My kids are in public school as well. They have a library but this year has been a bit more difficult with getting books my son is interested in reading because there’s such a limited number of them. Libraries are hard for us to get to, so we try to get the books online through Libby. More often I end up buying the books and they’re very costly as my kids get older. We keep them in great condition and we’ll donate them back to the community when we’re done with it. Books are one thing I’m willing to spend on and pass on…