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Your infographic says "UBS and Credit Suisse together hold combined assets of over 7x Swiss GDP", but the Reuters article you link to says "The banks, two of the most systemically relevant in global finance, hold combined assets of up to 140% of Swiss gross domestic product..."

I think this is because you're using assets under management and total assets interchangeably, which doesn't seem correct. UBS's 2022 annual report lists its total assets as $1.1 trillion, which is different from the $4.5 trillion of assets that it manages.


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This isn't a nuance. This is the entire point of a data visualization. From this sub's rule on qualifying data visualizations: "A data variable must be transformed and mapped onto a visual property such as color, size, or position." If the bars don't scale with anything, they're useless, and what we're left with is a weirdly formatted table with random shapes attached to them.


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The article also has a line graph of Russian imports that shows they have recovered to more or less pre-invasion levels. That would seem to be pretty convincing evidence that Russian is not isolated from trade, regardless of how country circle sizes are scaled in the other figures.


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Good point, it is per 100k population. But even if women can't drive in Saudi, they can still ride in cars and die in road accidents, although WHO statistics show 87% of reported road traffic fatalities were men. I also can't figure out if a pedestrian killed by a car counts as a road traffic fatality.


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>considering they don't let over half the population drive. I wonder if the low death rates in some countries are driven by lower car ownership in general.

The point of reporting deaths per 100k is to account for differences in the number of drivers. And Saudi Arabia's road death rate per 100k is probably so high exactly because only men can drive.

Edit: It's per total population not per driver. My mistake. I still maintain Saudi road death rates are high because only men can drive.