tilario t1_jaubuu9 wrote

that's the dream. unfortunately, an expensive one that we're a few years away from pulling the trigger on. but we live on a large pond and a basement kitchen would be 30 feet from it. add a sliding door and a terrace and you eat waterside during the warmer months.


tilario t1_jatrtk7 wrote

i have an unfinished, walkout basement. i'm considering moving my kitchen there when we renovate because it opens out onto a part of my property with really nice views.


tilario t1_jaanr1b wrote

this is a great answer depending on how much time you have and what time if year you're traveling. eg, Two nights in Boston, then take the train to Westerly, RI. If it's summer(ish), enjoy the RI coastline. It's better than Connecticut's. Hop back on the train (or Uber) to Mystic or Stonington for a night or two, continue on to New Haven and then final stop NYC.


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do you get that from an eviction history? not trying to be difficult. just thinking of it like a hiring. eg, 15 people come see your apartment, you choose your top 3 candidates and do background checks and previous landlord references for them.


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if you're a water person, i'd expand your search into westerly, ri. the rhode island beaches are better than connecticut and it faces the open ocean so you get actual waves. westerly is about 20 minutes from new london and is a decent size town with bars and restaurants.

otherwise, this area of connecticut gets rural pretty quick as you head inland. if living on a bit of land in the woods is your thing, you've got that as an option as well.