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It’s a hundred thousand light years wide Bulging in the middle 16 thousand light years thick But by us it’s just 3 thousand light years wide


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Defend the police in general (like from a national stand point) yes, absolutely. However we need to do all the steps, ie if we take funds from the police then they need to go to other services and the amount cut needs to be worked out carefully.

Define the police never meant “boom, budget cut” and that’s it.


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Right…. And they will likely monitor its trajectory over the next 5 years to see how the cube and tiny drag chute behave, this would make it an active experiment.

If something happens and that cube starts gaining altitude because of an unforeseen interaction, we’ll that’s something you want to know about before you put it on something big and have it go sailing off somewhere


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So I might be over simplifying but couldn't we just have a law saying the state will pay $X/student.

As long as the school companies with state educational requirements and discrimination policies they can get said money (religious school or otherwise).

If parents want to send their kids to dumb-ass academy to learn the Earth is a 6000 year old flst disc or that homeopathy should be taken as seriously as actual medicine then that's fine, they just Dont get $0 from the state