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I think so as long as you are very distant and not at all approaching him as a threat. At the AOC town halls protesters come calling her things all the time and don’t get thrown out unless there is an immediate threat.


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The murky part though is many Iberian descending people like Latinos have some very distant Jewish ancestry because persecuted Jews fled to the new world. Now this is mostly Spanish ancestry but Portuguese ancestry can have the tiniest amount of Ashkenazi DNA too. Almost 1/4 of Latinos have Jewish DNA.


I totally see him pulling a Warren and finding 0.5% and using that as a told you so. Meanwhile I’m 1.4% and I would never in my life claim to be Jewish cause I actually know what it means to be Jewish. Same reason I’m 59% indigenous by DNA but also wouldn’t claim to be Native American.


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Watch him take a DNA test, have 1% Ashkenazi DNA, then double down like Warren when she claimed to be Native American.

Edit: not sure why the downvotes… im not claiming you are Jewish if you have any Jewish DNA. It doesn’t work like that. I was just saying this lying asshole would be one of those to try to claim it.


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Trump used to be featured in NYC movies and shows. Business people knew he was scummy but the media knew that Trump was still seen as a symbol of NYC and had him on Home Alone and mentioned him in Friends.

NYC now HATES him across the board. But there was a time when Trump and NYC association wasn't a bad thing to the public.