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There's evidence that that is the role of the apendix, it functions as a refuge for healthy gut bacteria, even during antibiotic treatments.

And don't spread misinformation.

>Scientists from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, UCL, the University of Birmingham and their collaborators discovered that whereas vaginally born babies got most of their gut bacteria from their mother, babies born via caesarean did not, and instead had more bacteria associated with hospital environments in their guts.


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the same way as in humans, they ingest some of the mothers excrement, both vaginal and anal, during birth. they've started transferring excrement from the mother to the baby during cesarean births in some hospitals because it improves the gut health of the newborn significantly.


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I said its irrelevant for what i said when it was brought up by op. The original commenter never talked about the us in their original post, only when responding to me explaining the vast abuse by uk police in an attempt to diminish its severety.

I understand, thank you for the clarification and sorry for the misunderstanding


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Nobody was talking about the US, its completely irrelevant for how abusive the UK police force is.

Where are the independent rearches into other police organizations then if others dont cultivate the same problems? Oh wait they dont exist? Shocking. almost as if its a broader police problem, especially since this problem goes as far as special protection units at the top.

You really going to believe them on their blue eyes when all independant evidence points towards the opposite?


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Feel free to provide statistics of your claim that 2.8% of teachers and doctors are also "pretty bad". I would also catagorize systemic rape and rapist protection systemically (again according to the MET themselves) is a bit worse than "pretty bad". If the army did it it wouldve been a warcrime.


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The purge happened because people kept keeping their jobs after reports, and it only happened with the MET, only a few months ago. The MET themselves saying that there is a culture problem, meaning MET cops still aren't held accountable and that number is likely to increase more.

So yea my response is that, because its one of the few quantifyable datapoints we have about the corrupt police force.

Oink oink.


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The MET is currently literally being purged because surprise surprise, they are infested with rapists and abusers on every level at alarming rates (according to the MET themselves!). currently 1070 suspects are employed at the MET, 2.9% of the force. 1 in 35 is suspected of being an abuser and/or rapist.


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you don't have to invest a day of reading for an iphone to just work.

backwards support is much worse for android. new API versions just aren't supported by older systems causing glitches, crashes, inefficient opperation, etc.

apple completely clamps down on shit like that.

and no, apple is still better privacy wise. android does very little to protect your device. there are custom niche versions out there that do it better but even those are not good.


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louis rossman is often not knowledgeable about anything not hardware. he knows a lot about hardware and is usually right in that.

apple is genuinely very good in their software support. just as they are very good in regards to privacy compared to windows or android.

and even if your android phone receives long enough updates, the apps are just not going to work on it properly after sometime. you won't have that as much with apple products.