tjmora t1_ixb6qzi wrote

Right. There were so many similarities between the comicbook and the series. Let me enumerate them:

  1. Multinational >!spaceship!< crew. (Though in the show, it was shown in the end. In the comicbook, it was from the very beginning).

  2. Comicbook has character named Adda I think. The show has a character named Ada. (The show's character was more of an extra though).

  3. Black pyramid.

  4. Image of a pyramid in the eyes of characters.

  5. The comics has panels focusing on the eyes of the characters. The show has shots focusing on the eyes of characters.

  6. The comicbook use codes. Show also use codes. (The codes used are different though).

  7. Shot of face of a characters while they wear something on their head (Astronaut helmet for the comicbook, wired device attached to the head for the show).

  8. The characters are puzzled by something.

  9. The characters investigate what puzzles them.

  10. The characters talk to each other.

  11. The characters walk and run.

  12. The characters are shaped like humans.

  13. >!Spaceship!<

Really. There's too many to enumerate. /s


tjmora t1_ixa4a3o wrote

I was like you by episode 5. I was critical of it (Ep 5 spoilers).

But after I finished the season, I changed my mind. I actually posted my own theory about it (Ep 8 spoilers) and even if just some parts of it becomes true, then I'm confident to say that the showrunners know what they are doing. That there is a some grand plan behind all of it, much like how they designed Dark's entire plot.