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Speculation: Perhaps if you are in pain, the body thinks that it shouldn't use resources to hunt/scavenge for food, and then consume and digest it. This talks about chronic pain, but I wonder if there is any correlation to how fitness people sometimes say that working out can help stymie hunger pangs. Also, in a similar vein, I wonder if this is related to why a buildup of lactic acid upsets the stomach.


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I can honestly say I am more lethargic and less comfortable moving around at 30 deg C than I am at 24 deg C. But the article talks about differences in brown fat. I didn't think that the size of the stores would have anything to do with lethargy really, but apparently it might.


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I've read a few books on taking care of older cars, though I imagine the same holds for modern vehicles. They all say, all things being equal, it is better to put the engine under light load than to run it stand still to warm up.


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There's hope for the future. My niece and nephew, ages 14 and 12 respectively, refuse to participate in social media, and with no prompting from their parents, who are relatively laid back and lenient.


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I believe there is truth to this last statement even though there is no proof of it. Too many bad things about sitting in general, many of which would contribute to poor health.