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PETA are terrorists. Their end goal is no domestic animals, and they believe my dog is better off dead. They ran an animal shelter in a southern state and stole dogs out of back yards and euthanized them.

I am plant based for health reasons, I use some leather, don’t care what kind of milk you drink, and while I don’t care if you eat meat, I think it should be raised and slaughtered humanely with an eye on how some animal agriculture affects the environment. (Not a fan of the giant ponds of pig poo maintained by some of the giant pig farms.)

If you never interact with animals, and they are only pictures in a book, it’s easy to justify poor treatment.


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Are you sure? The Pacific Northwest has Idaho, and Montana is home to one of the main organizers of the Charlottesville, VA debacle.

While the Pacific Northwest is put down for its liberal big cities, step outside Seattle and Portland, and they have more than their fair share of Aryan Nation jerks with the added northwest twist of trying to justify it using their Norse heritage (as the northwest received a huge influx of immigrants from the Nordic countries).


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No, just no. Stop bringing these things here and letting them loose. I don't live in Florida for a reason. My dog's breeder is leaving Florida partially due to the heat, and partially due to wanting "gator free waterways."
I lived in Houston for 4 years and in certain parks you didn't want to crash your bike on the trails because gators were nearby.


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Just because they are a charity doesn't mean that they have endless resources. They have to pay suppliers, the people that work there need to be paid.
The reality of medical care is that it will always be rationed, always. There will always be some expensive therapy out there that can be tried, even if it shouldn't be.
My husband used to work at the county hospital in Seattle. People would fly their relatives in from another country and try to get them care there. The hospital struggled some years to care for those who lived in the county.
As a country, we decide who rations the medical care, and right now we are letting the insurance companies do it based on who can afford premiums and how much profit they want to make in the current year.
There will always be tough decisions to make in health care, and there will always be families who cannot let go and think their supreme being will perform a miracle, meanwhile the medical staff is at fault when the miracle doesn't occur and everyone is mad when care costs money.
Our inability to set clear policy as a country and as a society means that the medical staff and those who are trying to keep the hospital afloat will bear the brunt of society's inability to step up on this topic.
Even non-profits cannot operate in the red.


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It really depends on your interests. There are a ton of little ice cream shops to find. If you like history you smack into something someone marched through or fought on frequently. The Cornwall Iron Furnace is close to Annville and is the only intact iron furnace left around here, I believe they cast the canons used in the revolutionary war.

Lots of pretty trails, especially Mt. Gretna.

In Lancaster county, there’s lots of tourist stuff, I enjoyed wandering around Lititz. The Tomato Pie cafe is good.

Check YouTube for videos on touring towns in Lancaster county. I’ve seen videos on Hershey as well.


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I was pleasantly surprised to find that I didn’t have the only Fetterman sign on my street. The mayor of my borough is nuts, but other guys on the council seem to try to temper him when he gets too crazy. Definitely a more conservative area, but I lived in Burien WA (just south of Seattle) for five years and a friend who ran for city council had someone leave human excrement on her doorstep, call her son’s school and asked if he sat near a window, and basically harass her for existing on a daily basis. The crazies are everywhere.


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Not a myth in WA state where I moved from. The Seattle area generates more state revenue than it receives, and the rural areas in the state, most everything east of the Cascade mountains, get more from the state than they pay out. Which is why the western half of the state always laughs when eastern WA talks about forming its own state.


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Terms are already limited., voters just need to do their jobs. The Supreme Court needs a mandatory retirement age, there has been a group advocating for that for years.

If PA limited the terms of those we send to DC, it would put us at a severe disadvantage.

I’m all for getting rid of folks who aren’t doing their job, but there’s something to be said for those who know how it all works and are good at it.

Get the dark money out of politics.