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God I would love a brand new wow version built in UE5 with all the new tech they added. Still keep it slightly stylized but overall way more realistic and detailed. Would be so fun to go back and play through it like that.


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Maps is in 2005. Google pixel was 2013, and then after that the next major thing they did was stadia (oof). However one thing I forgot since it’s not really a “service or product” in the same way imo, Google Assistant. By far the most successful thing they’ve released in the last 10 years. Successful in terms of product quality, no idea about revenue, but basically all of they best products were in 2008 and before. Sundar became CEO in 2015 and Google assistant was 2016, then stadia.

So yeah he has one successful thing under him since then. There might be more but past decade, pixel (which is no small feat) and their focus on smaller software products for the pixel have been pretty good. However I doubt the pixel has been a large revenue source for Google.