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Just like defensive driving, there is offensive driving. Some people take advantage of those who really don't want to get into an accident. What are you doing to do if they take up your lane, hit em? They know you'll just stop.


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My opinion is that door-to-door sales is a scam tactic. I know people who have worked for Trinity and the whole point is to get people to sign up for something without doing any research. Putting solar panels on your roof is a big decision and their goal is to rush you into it at the benefit of their company, not the customer.


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I definitely wouldn't trust anything the door-to-door reps say. They will say nearly anything to get you to sign a contract. There's a lot of scammy stuff going down with these solar companies.


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I'm normally ice fishing now, but... yeah.. Managed to go last weekend in Goshen.

In the spring I break out my fishing kayak. There are a number of lakes and ponds worth checking out. Candlewood is a premier bass fishery. Can also do some great inshore fishing in the Sound. CT river also has great variety with striper and shad runs.


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I've never had them from a polish shop, just got the Big Y ones once. They were like slightly breadier donuts. Weren't bad but never had the urge to get them again. I'm probably not the best person to ask for a comparison.


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Reply to ISO RMV help by Inttegers

First, you contact your insurance company and update the lienholder (if you have a loan) with them, otherwise tell them you own the car outright. Ask them for a stamped RMV-1 form. They will send you this form, which is the registration form, prefilled with their information. Fill out the rest and bring it to the RMV along with the title you receive from Honda, and the bill of sale.

You will also need to pay the sales tax on the buyout amount directly to the RMV, so be prepared for that, along with the registration fee.

If you do all of this, you will leave the RMV with new plates for your car. You will have 7 days to get the car re-inspected (yes, you have to do this even if you just did it).

The lienholder (or you, if none) will receive the new title from the RMV via mail at some point after this is completed.