tobydiah t1_j9v21n0 wrote

I mean.. it's not even about depression, suicide, etc.

It's literally a person who simply doesn't want to be involved in something while mental health also deals with regulating your health. I don't understand how similar types of people understand the need for exercise, nutrition, medical checkups, and rest days; but, the idea of maintaining ones mental health (which is still physical, it's definitely not magic) makes one weak, spoiled, or... not manly (that's another ridiculous topic as well).

Would many of these same guys leave for different companies / jobs, fully use their vacation days, tell their partners or children to give them a break, or resort to alcoholism (or other unhealthy coping mechanisms) if they felt unhappy or mentally drained? Yes, they would. But the moment they read "mental health" (especially when associated with any celebrity or athlete), they picture some spoiled, weak caricature they have in their mind.