todd10k t1_ja3ei1b wrote

I don't think you are fine. None of this is a flex, btw, but I'm 37, i have kids, a house, a mortgage, a loving girlfriend and 2 cars. I have a full time, 9-5 job and i workout, have good friends and a good life in general. I'm a little overweight but i'm strong, not afraid of a fight and in general what you would consider a "mans man".

I still think capri sun is delicious. Just because it is made for and marketed to children does not mean ones appreciation of sweet things diminishes. It is, objectively, tasty.

I understand that might seem purile or even juvenile, and i get that everyone around you acting like kids might get you down. I understand, it's hard when you're taking care of business, sticking your hands into the muck when those around you lounge about and complain about mucky floors while you're covered in mud, but don't let it get to you. Enjoy the simple things, like a delicious cool icy orange flavoured beverage from a pouch, and don't forget to, once in a while, take a moment for yourself.