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Pyramids in other places like South America often line up with many different stars and star groups. There is also ancient construction that (for instance) lets light through an opening only on solstice. I’m not sure their reasoning to think of this only as a fringe theory, but it definitely reoccurs a lot


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I figured this out when I was a tween. Another one is we find time goes faster as we age (for most), that’s because a year when you’ve lived ten years, a year is 10% of your life experience (in years). And when you’ve lived 20 years, a year seems faster because a year is now only 5% of your life experience, and so on, and so on. Math can be fun sometimes


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If you work 50 weeks a year, 5 days/week, and 8 hours a day, you need to earn $50/hour an $400/day to make $100 000/year. Also under this line of thinking, every 25 cents earned per hour nets you $500/year and every dollar earns you $2000/year. I always found this a quick way to figure out yearly pay from hourly, and vice versa


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We don’t say we have a guard dog, we say we have an alarm dog, cause if something is skulking about, their onto it, and letting everyone know about it as well. I had a friend, and with his dog barking at passerbys, he’d say thank you, and dog would look proud about it, and bark no more. With our guy in that situation, we tell him to stop, and he’ll always bark once more, while looking right at whomever told him that’s enough (like he’ll stop, but only on his terms)


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To be fair, when my 16 pound doxie barks, it is a big dog bark. When we would hang on balcony at our old place (2nd floor), he would bark at someone on the ground, they’d often look up, see our guy, then continue to look for that dog that was barking. It’s only if he barks again, or we tell the people in question (so they can relax, there’s no Cujo on the loose) that it was him. He’s also weirded out other dogs with his bark, like other dog knows they are larger, stronger dog, but our guys bark makes them question who’s in charge here