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Nah. I'm just accepting that people didn't like that I didn't recognize someone they hold in high esteem. I learned, I shared my growth, then I stood my ground because that information didn't change my initial assessment. If anything I think I'm exactly uncool because of all that, and because of this comment explaining it. You know what I'm not, though? Insecure.

Good joke though.


tolacid t1_je77nrh wrote

I don't know who this Chester Bennington is, but this piece also looks an awful lot like the late Gilbert Gottfried

Well done, either way. Very nice piece.

Edit: I've done some research, I've learned about Chester and his wealth of contributions to music in general. Turns out I'm a huge fan without ever knowing who he was. Great performer, and this piece captures him well.

Doesn't make the piece look less like Gilbert Gottfried though. Bring on the downvotes.