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As a result, 5G coverage can also be made available on aircraft.

It's ridiculously expensive for many airlines and airports to switch over. There are old Boeings out there that still load software from floppy disk.

The reason we have people in airplane mode was there was a fear of detonating devices remotely with a cell phone after someone rigged a bomb to get this, a cell phone. Also people live-streaming on Facebook with their terrorist activities onboard.

Lastly, some of the older planes do have interference from some older cellular devices.

Some risks and costs will just be very slow to adopt, at least in the USA. There is too much money fighting any kind of upgrade.


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It's not long held. It's also been disproven before too as a team of scientists created a sort of vertical maze with clear acrylic walls and after several tries the fish learned how to get around the invisible walls and where they were located. They learned where the walls were, and how to get around them.