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Wheel locks are very cheap. $20 will get you a nice set of 4. The trick is, when you install them, DON'T remove the original wheel locks. Most Honda wheels have 1 "locked" nut and 4 "unlocked" nuts (so 4 locked and 16 unlocked per car). If you replace the factory locked nut with a different locked nut, you've made things only a tiny bit harder for the thief -- they still need to remove 4 locked nuts and 16 unlocked nuts. If you replace one of the unlocked nuts with a different locked nut, now the thief needs to remove 8 locked nuts and 12 unlocked nuts. Now stealing your wheels will take twice as long -- so the thief moves on to an easier target.


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Possibly; some towns allow those sorts of cross-subsidies and some towns ban it. But two things are even more likely: (1) they are getting a higher profit on the gas units right now; (2) the guys you've been talking to are really good at installing gas furnaces, and are more confident that they can install the gas furnace correctly the first time. The biggest financial risk for most HVAC guys is breaking something when they install it -- now they need to pay out of their own pocket to fix it -- so they tend to recommend things that they know they can do, instead of branching out.


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I work in the gas industry. Whenever you switch, don't switch from oil to gas; switch from oil to electric. The electric models are superior now -- more powerful, easier to maintain, and of course WAY less indoor air pollution.