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When I was learning the construction trade as a 17 year old , my coworkers ( mostly from Albania) would shit where and when they needed to. The back of a dump truck was always a choice. Off a bridge , on a log , behind anything really. We would all laugh but it was disturbing. When the truck would go get asphalt and it was dumped out hot it was nasty to see / smell the load. Good times


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Oh that . I understand it , don’t agree with it the way it’s being done where I was . A bunch of young girls and their moms drinking 6 dollar lattes driving 50k SUV’s asking for strangers to donate so they can go to Disney . Read that again and see if you understand. If that makes sense to you then we can’t be friends .


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Dotties is good . Carol Pecks and John’s cafe are great . The Farm is a wonderful place for seasonal offerings . Hollow park is nice and maintained well. I like to walk the Main Street there. Sidewalks are far away from traffic. Nice small town with just enough stores . New Morning Market is a great store . Yes it’s expensive but we’ll worth it .


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The lack of ads affect so many people. My neighbor was laid off from his job at a printing company because flyers are going away slowly . He’s been in the business 40 years . Another skill lost to technology


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When I was 18 , 9 and a birch , 2 bags of chips. Now 2 ( maybe a third ) still a bitch and no chips . Hands down my favorite hot dog ever . Love it there. People have asked me to try and describe It. I just drive them there . Then they get it .


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I wouldn’t talk about what you make etc at work. There is always someone who makes more / less . I think you are doing good for your age and circumstances. Find a goal and work towards it.


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Not the same but want to share. I lost touch with my GF from high school . I didn’t know what happened to her . I just assumed she moved away , got married etc . 27 years later I get an email from her for helping her mom in my town . I ask where she lives now . I had been driving by and admiring her house in Freeport for years . She had lived there for the past 20 years . I had no idea. We are now married ( got married in the snow in front of Freeport town hall) . Maine is really a small town.