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Put several around the north end of the connector off 15 you frickin cowards.

Like really though.

The fact that I'm alive and get to whine about things happening in my life is just sheer luck. I drive on the slower side with some city habits so I'm stopping on yellows more often than not. I'm almost T boned once or twice a week turning off of Glover Ave or getting off the connector by the rare person trying to make that Grist Mill light.

Heck I was almost got boobled last night on my way to Chelsea Piers. I've had the habit of looking left and right before I go just bc of paranoia even on light changes. Looked like a teenage girl but I saw that phone glow on lighting up her face just blatantly not looking at the road.

Like aight let's be real, some people will text and drive that's not going to stop/ can't stop it completely. Buttttt sheesh these frickin teenagers/ new drivers/ or general A-holes or something they're literally burning holes through their phones while driving. At least use your damn peripherals if you're going to break the law. Driving comes first and side eye your phone if you're going to break the law and try to play out twisted metal.


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Been driving since 2007 now ( crazy time flies ). Grew up in FFLD county so that's a lot of luxury vehicles without front plates. Never really seen them get pulled over.

Leased a Lexus in 2016, pulled over in 2019 a few months before the lease ended. Cop did the most reckless U turn I've seen on a busy 3 way , stop sign on one. Chased me down to the end of my private road to hand me a warning. Again I'm thankful it was just a warning but my guy had to have driven by at least 20 front plateless cars just in that traffic and then decide eh F this particular dude.

I go to the Lexus dealer the next day and my guy says uh yea we don't put them on usually bc literally nobody gets pulled over for that in this area. It's a rule but... This is the first time I've ever seen it at all enforced.

So he was just as confused as I was.

I'm on a different car now and again no front plates I've been pulled over a few times since then, only once a real issue the others just hey watch it type of pullovers ( aka nothing no one really ticketing people for going like 42-44 on the post road ). Again no one has had an issue. Never comes up.

Like I know I'm pushing my luck but I'm just going to say that that cop just felt like being a dick to a young looking 30 year old Asian dude driving a nicer than expected car. Try to scare me or something thinking I'm a teen. Otherwise there was no reason for it in that situation. Potentially T boning 5 cars to chase me down.


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Liked growing up here and still living here and enjoy it in my 30s. Most close friends moved away so we see each other once or twice a year if that but you make more friends if you're lonely enough. I'm just a big fan of Connecticut. Except the car tax.


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Uh I vividly remember biking and or walking everywhere back at that age. Ridgefield biking from the fox hill condos where my family lived to like the gas stations or pizza hut... And I wasnt that much if a bike rider either. You just sort of did it. Traffic isn't that difficult to avoid. No one batted an eye and this was like 1999 or 2000 something like that. Not THAT long ago. What the hell is going on with that town. Fairfield county is just kids allowed to be kids what the hell is up with killingly