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Oh give me a break. NO ONE knows who L7 and Shonen Knife are unless they're a grunge head, and a DEEP TRACK grunge head at that.

Look at the first 20 "top hits of the 80s" playlists on YouTube and I doubt Kate Bush would be on a single one. If she is, it's going to be "Running up that Hill" AND it will have been added to the playlist AFTER Stranger Things, because no one knew who she was pre-Stranger Things. Her name was never mentioned before 1 year ago


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She has had less influence on rock and music in general than L7 and Shonen Knife (who are STILL releasing bangers), as largely unknown as they both are.

Not even a huge Type O Negative fan, but even I recognize that a deep-track band like them has had more influence than Kate Bush.

Running up that hill was literally her only hit, and it wasn't even a BIG hit until Stranger Things integrated the song into a popular storyline in 2021.


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So I have been around the block a few times in terms of these kinds of decisions. What I have found is just about everything is the same everywhere in the US EXCEPT (but not limited to):

Cost of living/local government policies

Climate/geography/city environment (if you like to "get out" and do stuff, this matters.)

Specific jobs.

I just moved from FL to Springfield simply for the cost of living. FL is pretty top notch in terms of government/climate/jobs, but the cost of living sucks and Springfield has great compromises in all other areas. PLUS MO is centrally located in the US, so I can now drive (flying phobia) to other states like CO for vacations more easily.

What are the 2 jobs?


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Sounds like someone needs to quit telling people about Secret Goth Church. I told them it wouldn't stay secret for long if we let the emo and scene kids in.