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They may claim that, except their bills and actions show otherwise. They want anyone who isn't themselves to be punished and suffer (from destitution, death or anything else), even if you ARE married and WANTED the kid, for the crime of not being them personally.

They pretend they're "saving family" only until they've fucked up everyone else and not a moment later.

  • Even while that's going on they make sure their legislation negatively affects those subject to the law (that they aren't is the point and making it as harsh as possible makes them more special in comparison)

And the moment their grip on part of the population is complete, they go on to what they've already talked about doing; banning contraception and neonatal healthcare from married couples too. "For prosperity jesus".

The cruelty is the point, for only in your suffering is their being immune to the rules which harm you as 'superior' a position as it can be.


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If you're a woman in America who is or may become pregnant, all Requblicans are an immediate, deadly threat to you. And it won't be a quick or painless death - their legislators have truly gone above and beyond just 'out of their way' to make it as torturous and horrific for their own enjoyment.

All women need to get this through their heads, especially since some Requblican women ARE completely in on this "knowing" they'll be above such laws: They want you dying in excessive agony. It's them or you.


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Of course it is. Any group left of fascism gets the full force of the US government thrown at it if it so much as espouses human rights or desegregation.

But not fascists. You can't even advocate for women's rights without brutality and criminal records, but when conservatives commit terrorism (stochastic or otherwise) nothing is done about their leaders. America never arrests MTG like it did MLK. America staunchly refuses to even ADMIT Tucker or Donald are just like Ayman (al-Zawahiri) or Bin-Laden, and easily more dangerous.

In fact its only problem with the attacks by the latter two is that they weren't Requblican, and therefore were rivals to the existing otherwise-identical far-right structure. We always, always stopped short when the far-right attacks; from allowing the confederacy's leaders to remain after the war, to declaring it would "be too partisan" to end the far-right threat in congress due to all of them being the same party.

  • Even when they assault the capitol, all they got was "okay enough for now, you're going too fast" and let them remain in power. Try again next time!

The United States government has been so terminally infested by reactionaries that its agencies and military's only real problem with ISIL or the Taliban... is that our leaders don't want competition.


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Yeah, her 2$ was probably equivalent to you making around 20$, except at the same time a house worth 18k in 1953 would have been about 377k today if housing had kept 'as low' as inflation.

Instead it's more like the little hut with almost no yard worth 6k then is what's costing 350k today... And all the services have exploded as well.


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Incompetence is a valid alternative on small, individual events. The lady doing your burger most likely didn't forget the pickle in it out of spite.

When there's multiple avenues of verification, control and authorization, it's a different story. Even without that specific DA, the evidence could have been turned over, things could have gone over her head or she could have been ordered to... Instead every single step after they pretended they were going to hold the cop accountable was specifically geared towards letting him walk.

The cop had two defense teams and a defense judge. There was no justice in those halls.


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Glad you got to a good one, but yes, you can consider yourself exceptionally lucky.

The reason the bad ones get in the news in 'bursts' is they get shuffled; a bad one gets shut down after going too far - but only that. It starts up again and does as bad or worse, until it's caught again a few more times.

Eventually after years of this they finally touch someone they shouldn't or a big enough news station gets involved, and that is when the entire stack of complaints and related incidents gets on the news. So less a clickbait affair with these, more a "file cabinet of complaints" found in a basement under some dead kids we finally sift through.


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Your dad got unbelievably lucky. Like "powerball jackpot twice" lucky.

There are some decent ones out there, but far too many of those 'schools' (and there are A LOT spread 'round the nation, sometimes we don't even know we have one in our own county) land somewhere between Epstein's island and Auschwitz.


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While they did have a skeleton crew they shouldn't have had, ratios like that are for normal operations.

In an emergency, taking a kid to the hospital takes priority - you're not gonna lose your accreditation or get fined for something like that... well, maybe soon under Abbott or Desantis but even then not yet AFAIK.

Otherwise you'd have to toss kids back onto the fire when the building's burning down if any of the teachers got stuck in. Which, again, entirely feasible with the legislators we have, but to my knowledge not law yet; even DeVos didn't manage to make that official.


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It's because normalizing abuse IS the intent here. When the right realized they couldn't easily end the peasants getting educated (not that they've stopped working on that) they began corrupting it instead.

Orders and ideology, top down, have been very fucking insistent that abuses and harm to children be protected and enabled as much as possible.

  • Only the outliers; those who cause so much outrage by going too far above and beyond the current normalization that they risk the system getting fixed, are thrown under the bus.

This is why they view the truth as the real problem and not the rape; because to them it IS, and the last thing they want is for people to realize the only thing something like a rapist will be stopped is by acting outside the system.


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Yes but like in all things they expect a double-standard.

A peasant woman it must apply to when they want to see some breasts.

Your entire medical history it must apply to when they're looking for something to fuck your campaign with.

Their own crimes it must never apply to because otherwise they don't have exclusive use of all existing privacy.


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The only place it should go is out of the country and into an interrogation site. The fact that he's not tells us too many agencies have been compromised by fascists. Were there any justice left in this country half his damn party would've been extradited before January 10th 2021. Mo Brooks was wearing fucking body armor. THEY HAD SHIRTS MADE.

If it's good enough for random village children arbitrarily accused of terrorism, it's MORE than good enough for an actual terrorist leader whose attacks against the nation were even on CSPAN.


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They're confident their ideology is right, but they're not so stupid as to think "let's utterly fuck up most of the nation for our benefit" is going to be popular.

  • They're also not so stupid as to think "we're eliminating democracy because I AM YOUR GOD! KNEEL BEFORE YOUR EMPEROR!" would allow them to live for long.

When deceit is no longer enough for democracy to serve conservatism, conservatives swiftly put an end to it; they just also happen to know its safer to pretend it's still a thing and accuse everybody else of being 'the real threat' against it.