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Hmm. I doubt that a few additional trucks would make that big of a difference to anything in Philly or really anywhere in America. I also think that maybe then the org should just go into lobbying, if it's really just about holding the city accountable. There is a creative solution here that involves not having the contracts of city (& tax payer funded) unionized workers' contracts violated, whilst also not creating a culture war of for-profit private organizations pitted against the city government.


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Why doesn't glitter just develop a part of the program where it picks up the trash bags at the end of each day to haul directly to the dump? I understand why the union has issues with the union members handling trash outside of its agreed-upon terms and conditions. So glitter could just get a pick-up truck and go around and grab the trash from designated areas itself, eh?


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Thanks! Yeah I got inspired to do it this year because I remembered that my dad always took us trick or treating and that I was going to miss him being the "candy burglar" (holding our bags of candy for us when our arms got tired) and decided I have no reason to be a grumpy child-free millennial anymore lol. I appreciate your words.