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It was not only a fun musical but had also a shocking revelation at the end, which was the high point of this season. This was also the last episode where Whedon was heavily involved (he wrote the music and directed it) outside of directing the finale. Think of him what your will now, but after he "left" the show became very mediocre.


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The show (and fan base) was too small even for Syfy. And how often has fans rallying fans really worked? This is not the prestige project, you want to start your streaming service with. I also remember Bezos being quite giddy while announcing it, because he just got the news right before or even during the event. For me too unusual and too human behavior for a CEO if you are not a genuine fan.


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I remember that he personally announced it during a public event. Why else would he announce a niche project from one of his subsidiaries?

Why did he not renew it already? Well, maybe he saw that a new season is out. Told himself he will watch it as soon as possible, but never got to it. Then when asked if Amazon should renew it, Bezos says he has to watch the last two seasons first... Now everyone's waiting.