tracerhoosier t1_jcp21f2 wrote

Not sure what point in the game this is, but I'm guessing it is the final minutes.

Kennesaw State (Owls) came in as a 12 point underdog to Xavier (Musketeers).

The Owls were leading by 13 at one point about midway through the second half. The Musketeers climbed back and in the last couple minutes, took the lead. There were a few ties and lead changes.

This is probably from one play where the Owls could take the lead with less than 10 seconds left and got the shot blocked. Their team got the ball but lost it to Xavier. On replay it looked like he lost the ball because someone on the other team grabbed his arm (which would be a foul and give Kennesaw State some free throws) but the referees didn't call it and Xavier got the ball and the Owls had to foul quickly to stop the clock. There may have been other plays similar where he did this, but that one is the one I remember.