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Yeah, watching society anthropomorphize AI or, in some cases elevate to it to mythical status, as in deities is mostly endearing, who am I am I to deny someone uhhh putting googly eyes on thier toaster and considering it part of their family or the leader of their weird cult. Just make sure that sophisticated toaster of yours doesn't accidentally, or intentionally, ruin everything, and we may all be perfectly okay!


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Information, is a human cultural exchangeable tool symbol to represent other more human cultural exchange tool symbols, if information is compared to light, an image or "concept" is made of lots of other smaller photons or parts of the whole... Energy, has many forms, light, being one form we can perceive...

. ... Mirrors normally can clearly reflect the light bouncing off other mirrors, so information equivalent to one of the vessels we are accustom too, light, that image can be of course coherent or decoherent... Being out of grasp. The ability to guess what our eyes are seeing, and form coherent combined images, or other sensation, are all phenomenon which seem to emerge from our biology. All human phenomenon means what it means to us because of our own autodidactic conceptualization of it. We exist how we do on our own perceptual highways and hov lanes, and to try and conceive how concepts are conceived otherwise turns into an effective mechanism / phenomenology / epistemological arms race, or non issue depending on your beliefs. One things for certain, forms exist, and many concepts take on unique forms... But the differences go from linear divergence to exponential. There may very well be no absolute quantities or exact laws to math or physics. Or perhaps the very nature or floe of time or causality may be constantly amorphous for all we really know... For now, though keeping it simple seems be the least energy cost to fuzzing out the solutions to all these objectively arbitrary quandaries we may have... Sure it might be important how physics works here, but what if we find out time, reality, and its forms don't adhere to simple consistent constraints like we think they do. Things behave different in different conditions. They might almost always behave the same way in the same conditions, but change anything from motion, temperature, pressure, charge, surrounding composition, etc. Maybe if you travel far enough in one direction you arrive somewhere where reality operates different, good luck defining that, or even beginning to forge any of the language tools necessary to describe what it is that happens in such a change of location... Well, that would probably be dismissed because it attacks the collective hubris of man and our struggle to make sense of the world... Our net combined desire for understanding greatly outpaces our ability to do so at any given point, and might not be as static, or concrete as we would like it to be at times, as well as the opposite at other times.... Like seems to reflect like, but too much of the same thing... well you get the picture, or in that case, lack there of.. Discernable form?


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Every generation has thier chronological "landmarks" Im sure.. Suffice to say, not everyone agrees on what exactly a singularity is, so far it seems to be mostly hyped vague hand waving like 2012, or some sort of implied metaphysical transformation... But to others, it might just be another chapter of various events of things occurring. The real question remains then, are you feeling lucky?


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I thought it was widely known that food safety logic also applies to all life forms susceptibility to opportunistic pathogens. Consider emperature risk zones for pathogens to thrive, of course this would also apply to human organs, and why fevers are a thing.