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They were the only theater in town that had giant pickles, I miss them a lot. Many of the early dates with my soon to be husband were at the Palace, lots of good memories there


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I’ve lived in three different Wooten apartments, first one was kinda shitty but not that bad and the other two have been great, I’ve been living in my current one for three years. Maintenance is fast, landlord is fairly responsive. Walls are quite thin and I can hear the downstairs neighbors fucking a lot but that’s most apartments I think. Wooten truly is a hit or miss


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My fiancé went to work yesterday and he just got to work today and he says the mains roads are better today, but the side roads are the same


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Duff Family Dental is wonderful, I love those ladies. I asked one of the Drs about smoking weed and if it would affect my teeth and when I acted embarrassed about the question she reassured me and didn’t judge me at all. Real cool place for a dentist office


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Allis was the first restaurant I ever went to, a week after I was born. My family used to go to breakfast there every Sunday morning. Food has always been good in my opinion and yes it’s not the best looking place but it gets the job done. I’ll keep eating there and I’ll also fight someone


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Hi y’all! I actually used to work at Fleet Feet and I’d like to say go ahead and give the group a try! Everybody in the running community and at Fleet Feet is super nice and will help you if you run into any difficulty! I did the couch to 5k group when I was first hired and I have never been a runner but I’m very happy I did it!


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My mom works at the metal recycling yard and sees lots of homeless people every day, I’ll show her this flyer and see if she’s seen him and that way she can keep an eye out for him too. Best of luck finding him!