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Just going to drop this here, in the US military the Purple Heart is also called “the enemy marksmanship medal”. I have one from an IED that almost blew my hand off, luckily the shrapnel hit my metal watch band, tore it all to hell but it took the bulk of the impact, only ended up with six or seven stitches.


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There is an old story about a man who wanted a scenic suicide but wanted it to be painless. So he made a noose on a tree limb over a high cliff that was facing west into the setting Sun. He took a big dose of morphine to make sure he felt no pain. Put the noose around his neck and jumped off the cliff. To be even more sure, he took a pistol with him, just in case the rope didn’t break his neck and he was in danger of slow strangulation. Anyway the rope jerked, the force of the jerk caused the pistol to go off, he shot the rope in half fell into the ocean where he swallowed a lot of seawater and threw up the morphine and was washed up on the beach, scared but alive. Feeling confident he collected his thoughts and began to walk back to town, taking this as a message from the universe that he should stay alive. Singing to himself with new found vigor he walked into the path of a bus and died….the end


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They are designed to prevent the light from a nuclear blast from
reaching your retina and essentially binding you instantly. Nuclear
bombers have curtains that can be dropped to block out all the ambient
light. These goggles are used during take-off, landing, and re-fueling
where you need to use your naked eye to judge distance. At other times
the curtains are lowered and you are essentially flying on instruments.


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This is America where you can sue over anything. The cost to the gun and florist shop to put up even a minimum defense is going to outweigh any “victory” as the time and cost will bankrupt them. G n’ R by zealously defending their marks will deter others. In China there is a saying “kill the chicken to scare the monkey”. Same principle


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Well they have to defend their trademark, an argument could be made that there is little chance of confusion, but still this is not that unusual per se and let’s be honest, that name wasn’t chosen by chance. I am sure when they incorporated they were warned about this but now just think of the free publicity. They will change their name and the suit will be dropped.