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My golden nugget is to put together a renter portfolio to submit with every single inquiry you make for potential apartments. In mine I include an introductory letter addressing the most common rental app questions (who am I, what am I about, who’s living with me, how long have we lived together, and why do I want the unit), my resume, 3 personal references, and my entire rental history summarized (addresses, time frames, names of landlords, phone number/email of landlords, names and contact info of previous roommates).

Yes this is extreme, but the market feels so competitive that I try to make it as easy as possible for prospective landlords to asses me as a renter and make a decision. That way nobody’s wasting anyone’s time. I’ve missed out on a lot of units just because another prospect got their rental app in first or had their references ready first.

Best case scenario, they look at the portfolio and think “wow they’re on their shit!”. Worst case scenario, they don’t even look at it and I continue searching.


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I second OP; unless the thermostat is over 70 (ridiculous imo) or the ovens been on, it’s chilly in my 1800s home. Comes with the territory so we just accept it and bundle up


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I second this! I’m biracial and I grew up in central Vermont. I only had a few kids call me the n word in school (literally maybe 2 or 3) and while I definitely experience micro aggressions, I internalized it and was really impacted until I was an adult and realized how unfair my treatment was.

My advice to you is that your kids will likely experience microaggressions where ever they go. You have to set them up for success and teach them what to tolerate and what to not tolerate, and how to safely and appropriately stand up for themselves. Truth be told, I’m not condoning violence but I think a lot of the folks who treated me poorly could’ve been easily corrected with a punch or two (and one was! Never had trouble with that kid again).

I know they’re both a bit of a jump from Rutland/Killington, but Putney area and Burlington area have both been very tolerant for me. As for the Rutland area, we’ll that’s sort of where I grew up. I watched a darker completed family get bullied right out of my school once so if you have any personal questions you want to ask, please feel free to dm me. For reference, I am 24F, moms white, dads very dark, and I am black enough to notice but white enough to be tolerated most places.


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Also just bc everyone’s on here nagging; be a good soul and be mindful. You’re not likely to find a proper off reading trail that doesn’t go through private property. Do yourself a favor and take a dirt back road (like the one I recommended), be cautious, and count your blessings bc yea if you’re off the road, it’ll be a bit before someone finds you, you’re not likely to have cell service, and the tow bill will be very very sucky and yes you may die but that’s unlikely unless you’re being very silly behind the wheel (in which case maybe you had it coming?)


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Porcupines! They usually catch me going way too fast on winding dirt roads and force me to slow down and/or stop. They remind me to unclench and take it easy, and their little waddle is so stinking cute it just melts my troubles away to watch.