tsffrc t1_j5mcpqu wrote

I did this too. The way I combat this mindset is to 'pay' myself an hourly wage. I'm 49 and my hourly wage is $20/hr (my work wage is $75/h). Here's an example:

I drink straight up black coffee costs $0.15 to make at home or $1 at McDonald's (using the app and a daily deal; $2 without the deal), my favorite Starbucks order costs around $5. You can be damn sure that I think about the $5 coffee when I'm only making $20/hr, but when I figured it at my $75/h work rate, I would buy a round for the whole team at least once /week - I mean was only $40 -- I made that in my morning meeting.

It works the other way, too. Let's say there's a repair around the house -- a leaky pipe, say. I know how to fix it, but I have to get the tools out, watch a few YouTube videos to remind me, make a trip to the hardware store (then a second trip to buy all the sh*t I forgot), fix the thing, then clean up. My estimated total time is 7h or $140. If the plumber estimate is less than that, hire him. If it's not fix it yourself.

The whole mindset really works a trick!